Saturday, 9 August 2008

LWP XI: Songs of Shame

It's an interesting round this one. I have to say I'm surprised at the kind of patterns it's turned out (it seems a lot of people have somewhat similar ideas of what's embarassing) which I think will lead to some interesting discussion, if nothing else.

Here are the twelve songs supplied by posters for the "Shame" round of Listen Without Prejudice. All of you, not just the ones who posted tracks, are now welcome to comment and say what they think about the music.

Once you feel your track has got enough comments, please feel free to reveal the identity of yourself and the track. Good luck! Oh, and in case you want a convenient playlist of all the tracks, it should be at the bottom of the blog.

Posters involved: Scabrous Birdseed, Lazarus and the Gimp, Self Biased, Immortal Wombat, Eklektikos, *End is Forever*, Funko, Lurker, Mr. Bas, Vincent, Debaser, and, er, Mr Bas again since I forgot to remove his original entry when he changed his mind.

Track 1

1 -

Track 2

2 -

Track 3

3 -

Track 4

4 -

Track 5

5 -

Track 6

6 -

Track 7

7 -

Track 8

8 -

Track 9

9 -

Track 10

10 -

Track 11

11 -

Track 12

12 -

Playlist of all the tracks

Should it be more convenient as you potter about the house, dusting your precious collection of Franklin Mint models of the fauna of Belgium.

LWP Playlist